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Non-Destructive Excavation

Non-destructive excavation is a method of digging that minimises the possibility of damage to any underground services or anything within the project site such as tree roots. This method is also known as Hydro Excavation or Vacuum Excavation because a high pressure water unit and a high flow vacuum unit are utilised to carefully dig as needed. Non-Destructive Excavation is used during the locating operation to assist in discovering underground assets, and when the underground assets require exposure.

Cable Locating Service - Non-Destructive Excavation Cable Locating Service - Non-Destructive Excavation Cable Locating Service - Non-Destructive Excavation Cable Locating Service - Non-Destructive Excavation

Electromagnetic Locating

This is a technique known by many names, these include,

  • Service Locating
  • Utility Locating
  • Digital Locating
  • Inductive Locating
  • Conductive Locating

No matter what name it is known by, basically we locate a point anywhere along a buried service and connect a device that sends a radio signal along the underground cable casing or piping, as the case may be.

Above ground we can then detect this radio signal and follow it along the subsurface asset’s entire length allowing it to be accurately mapped.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground penetrating radar including concrete scanning. Where needed we use equipment that sends and receives radio waves that penetrate the ground surface, including concrete slabs and the like, providing us with images that accurately identify and locate the presence of any subsurface utility within the scanned area.

Acoustic Locating

Acoustic locating works in situations that require the location of non-conductive utilities. We are able to accurately map these utilities using equipment that creates sound waves along the utility. These sound waves are then detected and traced along the path of the utility.


Total Project Management

Coastal Cable Locators offers a Total Project Management service. No matter the scope of your project, you can rely on our expertise, we have the qualifications and experience to manage all of your project’s underground service locations.

Cable Locating Service - Total Project Management

Underwater Cable Locating

We can help you locate underwater assets and work in conjunction with Grey Diving Service. Gray Diving Service is a Sydney based commercial diving company that has been operating since 1945. Their dive team operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to service the needs of our clients. They have an outstanding safety record and have achieved and established a great reputation in the marine industry.